1914: Archduke Francis Ferdinand Fatally Shot in Sarajevo


From The New York Herald, European Edition, June 29, 1914:

Consternation was created throughout the Courts of Europe by the news, flashed across the wires yesterday [June 28] afternoon, that Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the thrones of Austria and Hungary, and the Duchess of Hohenberg, his morganatic wife, had been assassinated in the streets of Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia.

Two separate attempts were made on the life of the Archduke and his wife. A bomb was thrown as they were driving to the town hall, but the Archduke caught the missile and threw it on to the road behind his automobile, where it exploded in front of another auto. With magnificent courage, the Archduke, after ascertaining the result of the explosion, insisted on continuing on his journey to the town hall, where the official reception took place.

The ceremony at the town hall was marked by an extraordinary scene, the Archduke severely reproving the Burgomaster for the bomb-throwing in his town.

The Archduke made a feeble effort to clasp his wife in his arms, and they sank together to the floor of the automobile in a last embrace.
It was on the return from the town hall that the assassination took place. The Imperial automobile was passing through an open space at the corner of the Appel Quay when a student stepped out of the crowd and fired point-blank with an automatic pistol at the Archduke and his consort.

The first shot struck the Archduke in the head. The Duchess rose in the automobile to protect him, and received the assassin’s second shot in the breast and fell forward across her husband’s knees. The Archduke made a feeble effort to clasp his wife in his arms, and they sank together to the floor of the automobile in a last embrace. They died almost simultaneously, without regaining consciousness.

The assassin, a young Servian student, named Prinzip, was arrested.

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Opinion: France & Britain’s Poorly-Drawn Middle East Was Destined to Collapse


Opening Lines:
John B. Judis of New Republic argues that the United States is powerless to combat the breaking up of nonsensical Middle East borders drawn nearly a hundred years ago by colonial powers. This collapse, he argues, is and has been quite inevitable:

What is happening is that the arrangements that the British and French created during and after World War I—which established the very existence of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan, and later contributed to the creation of Israel—are unraveling. Some of these states will survive in their present form, but others will not.

As Judis explains, the names Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Palestine were affixed to territories formerly of the Ottoman Empire that were parsed out to Britain and France as spoils of World War I.

Full Synopsis Here: http://bigthink.com/ideafeed/france-and-britains-poorly-drawn-middle-east-was-destined-to-collapse

Full Article Here: http://www.newrepublic.com/article/118409/mideast-unravelling-and-theres-not-much-us-can-do